<About purchasing>

〇 Can I cancel my tickets after purchasing?

Lift Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled once purchased. Please acknowledge our terms and conditions before purchasing a lift ticket.

〇 How can I pay?

Payment is only available by credit card. If you prefer to pay your lift ticket by cash, please purchase it at Nakiyama, Gondola, Kokusai or Sakka ticket windows.

〇 What kinds of credit cards can I use?

VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/DINERS/Discover are available.

〇 Is it possible to purchase a lift ticket on my mobile phone?

Yes. In addition, you can purchase your ticket on your PC and/or tablet. However, this system may not be available due to compatibility of the type and version of OS or browser on your mobile phone and computer.

〇 The confirmation mail has not been sent to my registered email address yet. What should I do?

Please check all your folders in your email inbox, it may be sorted as spam mails. If you use your mobile phone mail or  free email such as -@gmail.com, -@yahoo.co.jp or-@hotmail.com, the email sent from our WEBSHOP may be automatically rejected by your email provider. Please set up no-reply@happoone.co.jp as your specified email address,or please set up "happoone.co.jp" as your domain specified receivable address. 

〇 A QR code has not been sent to my registered email?

It should be sent to the same registered email address as "the confirmation email" you received. If you cannot find it, you can check the QR code on your "My account" pages. If all else fails, please try the followings.

※The below images illustrates a purchase using a mobile phone.

①Select the menu in the upper left corner on the purchase screen
②Select "Account"

③Select "My account" (If you have not logged in, please sign in to "My account" with your registered email address and password again.)
④Click "upward arrow" in the upper right corner to display all contents in My account, and then click the "QR code" at the bottom of the screen, you can 
confirm the QR code.

〇 Can I buy a lift ticket without registering to become a member?

You have to become a member to purchase a lift ticket on the Hakuba Happo-one web shop.

〇 Can I purchase multiple tickets for my friends?

Yes. All QR codes will be sent to your registered email address. QR codes will be issued according to each purchase order you have made. Please keep all QR codes or 8-digit Pick-Up code to redeem lift tickets correctly.

〇Do I have to enter my credit card number whenever I purchase?

For security reasons, yes, we ask you to enter your credit card number every time.

<About lift ticket exchanges>

〇 Where can I pick up (redeem) the lift ticket?

The ticket can be redeemed at all ticket offices at Happo-one Ski Resort.

Ticket office: present the 8-digit pick-up code sent with the QR code to the ticket office.
SKIOSK vending machines: you can redeem your ticket by holding up the QR code.

<About lift ticket>

〇 Do I have to return the lift ticket to the ticket office?

No, you can keep the ticket and use it next time you ski at Happo.  The lift ticket is recyclable, reusable and can be recharged any time.  If you don't plan to use your ticket again, please help us to recycle them.  Used lift tickets collection boxes are available at the ticket windows and ticket vending machine areas at the base of the ski area.  Collected lift tickets will be reused after deleting all personal data.

〇 Is there a risk of damage to use the paper type of RFID(IC chip) tickets if we use it over and over again?

Yes, the ticket may be less durable and could become damaged as our lift tickets are made from paper. If you prefer a more durable lift ticket, you can purchase the durable type at Nakiyama and Gondola ticket windows for 500 yen.

〇 Can I recharge the RFID (IC chip) ticket I purchased in 2016-17 season onward?

Yes, you can.  Please enter the 23-digit number beginning with (01) on your lift ticket.


〇 What is the 4 days, 6 days and 8 days lift ticket?

This is a FLEXI lift pass which can be used for 4 days, 6 days and 8 days at any time during the winter season. These tickets are non consecutive and can be used anytime througout the season until 5th May 2021. The FLEXI lift pass which you redeemed using the QR code at the ticket vending machine contains the data for the number of days you purchased. This means you can go directly to the lift gate from the second day onwards. Please note that it cannot be reissued or refunded if you lose your ticket.

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