Terms and Conditions of Services

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Original:1 October, 2020

Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort


We offer online services to our Customers according to the following terms and conditions.

All online Customers acknowledge the regulations and rules of Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort when accessing our services.
Any of the regulations are subject to change at any time, Customers are advised to read the latest Terms and Conditions of Services stipulated on this page when seeking to purchase our products online.


1. About our company

"Our company" refers to Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort, Snow Systems, Ski Data and Web Impact which operates and manages the online sales service of lift tickets.


2. Products and Services provided by the Company

In order to use the service, you must have access to the internet. Customers need to have basic equipment including installation of software and the ability to operate and communicate in order to properly utilize the online services correctly.
The installation, operation and management are at the Customers own risk and expense.
The Company does not provide Customers with access to the internet, Wi-Fi or any other network. The Company currently provides an online lift ticket sales service and may add, change or remove various products and/or services in the future.
While the Company grants Customers access to the products and services offered online, the Company cannot guarantee the continued availability nor access results of these products and services.


3. Cancellation and Refunds

No cancellation or refund will be made for any reason once you have completed the purchasing process of our products. The Company will not compensate for changes in facilities, operation season or business hours due to inclement weather, snowfall conditions, natural disasters or operational reasons, or in the event the season is shorter than scheduled (or compared to usual seasons) due to insufficient snow or any other reason.


4. Guarantee and Warranty

Customers are responsible for resolving any claims or demands arising out of connection to the service or in connection with any content that has been transmitted during the use of our service. Any violation of this agreement or violation of any third-party rights shall be the financial burden of the Customer. In the event that the Company incurs any costs or makes any payments in connection with the handling of such claims or demands, the Customer shall be liable for such costs and damages (including legal fees paid by the Company).


5. Changes in Services

The Company may change, suspend or discontinue the service at any time without prior notice to Customers when the Company deems it necessary. The Company shall not be liable for any change, suspension, or discontinuation of the service. However, the Company shall provide replacement products for those products that have already been sold.


6. Handling of Personal Information

The Company handles personal information in accordance with the following.

i) Personal information means your name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information that is unique to you when you use our Internet sales service.

ii) We will protect your personal information under an appropriate management system with a minimum number of employees.
iii) The Company shall not disclose, transfer or lend any personal information collected without the consent of the Customer to any third party.

vi) The Company may compile access statistics and statistical data of Customers from this website and may release such data to third parties, but even in such cases, the Company shall not disclose any information that can identify an individual.

v)The Company may send e-mails to Customers to inform them of services, features, research, news, promotions, content and events. If you do not wish to receive these communications, you may unsubscribe from the sent e-mails by selecting to unsubscribe.


7. Disclosure of Information
We may provide personal information to third parties in the following cases

i) With the consent of the individual to whom the information was provided;
ii) With the consent of the court if the Company receives a court order to disclose the information in accordance with the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and Disclosure of Sender's Information (Act No. 137 of 30 November, 2001), or when the Company receives a court order to disclose the information in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act No. 131 of 10 July, 1948) from a public institution such as the police.
In the event that the Company receives a formal inquiry in accordance with the laws and regulations governing its investigative authority (see Section 3).

iii) When it is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, or services of third parties or the Company or its rights, property, or services in relation to the use of the services provided by the Company, in violation of laws and regulations or terms of use, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question

iv) When there is an imminent danger to the life, body, or property of a person and there is an urgent need to do so, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question.

8. No Warranty

Use of the service is at the Customers own risk. We do not warrant the content of the services (including authenticity, accuracy, non-infringement of third-party rights, etc.) We cannot fully guarantee that (1) the service will meet your wishes, (2) there will be no defects, errors or failures in the provision of the service, or (3) the products available through the service will meet your expectations. Even if you have obtained advice or information directly from us or through the service, we do not warrant that the advice or information will go beyond the scope of these Terms of Use. The advice and information are based on the limited information provided by the Customer and the Company cannot guarantee the authenticity, eligibility or accuracy of the content of the advice and information itself.


9. Limitation of our Liability

The Customer has: (1) used or failed to use the service; (2) incurred costs to replace goods or substitute services traded through the service; (3) unauthorized access to or unauthorized modification of the Customers transmissions (outgoing) data;
(4) You agree that the Company will not be liable for any damages arising from or related to (5) statements, transmissions (outgoing) data or acts by third parties during the service or (6) other matters related to the service.

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